Put Some OOP in Your App: Creating a Class

If you’re like me, when you started using Corona and programming in Lua, you dove in and got right to coding. Maybe you looked into object-oriented programming in Lua, but soon realized it doesn’t have anything built into the language for it. And maybe, like me, you were a little intimidated by all the different methods other people have come up with for OOP in Lua, so you just skipped it for now and said, “I’ll get back to it later when I have more time.”

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Blue Balls, Part 1

In this tutorial I’m going to create a very simple program that places 10 balls randomly on the screen and moves each ball slowly to the left until it reaches x=50, at which point we’ll kill it.

There are two ways to approach this, and which one you use depends on what you need to do in your program.

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Editor? What editor?

I was new to the Mac when I started programming iPhone apps. I started my first apps in XCode using Objective-C. For that, I found XCode was fine. But then I discovered Corona, and I felt a new editor might be a good idea.

I tried a bunch of different editors, but finally settled on TextMate. It offered most of the functionality I was looking for at a pretty decent price. Also, what really sealed the deal for me was The Corona Bundle for TextMate by Ludicrous Software. It’s very nice, and has saved me lots of time in the development cycle, especially since I tend to type two characters, compile & run, type two more, compile & run, etc.

Welcome to Planet Lua!

Hi, my name is Mike and I’d like to welcome you to Planet Lua, a website dedicated to providing useful information about the Lua programming language, and in particular, about using Ansca Mobile’s Corona to create games and other apps for the iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.

While my focus will largely be on Corona, I do intend to try to keep this site as general as possible, with tutorials and other information that can be used by any Lua programmer, whether they’re creating an addon for World of Warcraft, embedding Lua in a nuclear missile’s guidance software, or, of course, writing games in Corona.

Sorry there’s no actual content here at the moment, but that will change soon. Stay tuned.